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Bundle Warwick

Canopy and side panel at a bargain price

With its clear web glass, modern pent roof shape and white aluminium for the frame, the "Warwick" canopy lets through light and creates clean lines. The side panel of the same name brings a visual accent to the area below the linear pent roof.


Extremely light overall weight

Maximum brightness

Resistant synthetic glass

Rain gutter with a drain on both sides

Discreet optics allow for multiple designs

Side panel

Resistant, plastic-like glass surface

Lightest weight among all models

Modern, eye-catching trapezoidal shape

Raised tip

Lateral wind protection

More information

The "Warwick" model works very well both as a complement to modern house facades or as a deliberate contrast, for example on a stone wall. The practical side panel is particularly eye-catching thanks to its striking slope on the upper edge, and gives your entrance area a self-confident look. Seize the opportunity now to get the exclusive advantage package consisting of a canopy and side panel at a great price!


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Robust, stylish, practical – all the advantages you can enjoy with our canopies and side panels

Alu canopy, detail view


This popular material is not only robust and looks very modern indeed, but features a high-quality surface that is easy to care for, too.

Canopy, glass, detail view


Choosing a canopy and a side panel made of glass keeps the entrance to your residence looking friendly and bright. It also serves as a modern architectural accent for your home.

Canopy, appearance in detail

Appearance and function

Standing outside your front door, looking for your key in the rain? A canopy keeps you and your entrance area dry and truly turns your home into your castle.

Canopy product description

  • Frame material: aluminium
  • Colour white
  • Clear web glass
  • Flat roof
  • 1,200 (width) x 335 (height) x 840 (depth) mm
  • Weight: 6kg
  • Rain gutter with a drain on both sides
  • Mounting material not included

Assembly instructions

Detail drawings, canopy

Product description, side panel

  • Suitable for use with the Warwick canopy
  • Aluminium
  • Colour white
  • Clear web glass
  • 300 (width 1) x 510 (width 2) x 1,800 (height) mm

Assembly instructions

Detailed drawings, side panel

Warwick canopy and side panel

At windows24.com, you will find the ideal combination of canopy and side panel for your individual living situation: the Warwick product range is ideal for regions with a lot of snow. Together, the front door canopy and side panel offer all-round protection from wind, rain and snow.

The 20° inclination of the flat roof protects both the residents and the building element from snow loads. The snow can slide unhindered to the ground without hitting anyone.

The side panel (height 1,750 mm) protects you from head to toe against snow and rain falling at an angle.

The sophisticated, powder-coated aluminium and clear web glass stand for elegance and timeless design. The side panel and canopy from the Warwick range harmonise perfectly and, thanks to the materials used, require little maintenance. In this way, their stability and luminosity last for decades – robust construction material, strong colours and high quality combine here.

Customers about windows24.com

We were able to easily assemble the frames ourselves. There was always someone available for questions.

The windows and the front door have a noticeable heat-insulating effect!

Great value for money. Wouldn't hesitate to order again.

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