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Glass side panel Alnwick


The "Alnwick" side panel, featuring an open trapezoidal design, is made of feather-light aluminium in white and light-coloured ribbed glass, just like its matching canopy model.

Addition to the "Alnwick" canopy


High lateral wind protection thanks to its large area

Modern trapezoidal shape

More information


It extends the arched shape of the "Alnwick" canopy downwards on both sides, so that the entire area in front of your front door looks like one coherent unit. Please note that the matching canopy must be ordered separately. You can find the matching Alnwick model glass canopy in our shop.


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Robust, stylish, practical – all the advantages you can enjoy with our side panels

Alu canopy, detail view


This popular material is not only robust and looks very modern indeed, but features a high-quality surface that is easy to care for, too.

Canopy, glass, detail view


A glass side panel gives your entrance area a bright and welcoming look. It also serves as a modern architectural accent for your home.

Canopy, appearance in detail

Appearance and function

Standing outside your front door, looking for your key in the rain? A canopy keeps you and your entrance area dry and truly turns your home into your castle.

Product description

  • Suitable for use with the Alnwick canopy
  • Aluminium
  • Colour white
  • Clear web glass
  • 300 (width 1) x 530 (width 2) x 1,800 (height) mm

Assembly instructions

Detail drawings

Side panel Alnwick

Protect your entrance from rain, snow and hail from above with the Alnwick canopy,. However, if your entrance is particularly exposed to the elements, we recommend installing a side panel. Slashing rain or snow as well as strong winds can be kept at bay with a side panel. Made to match the look of the canopy, the side panels from windows24.com will win you over with their coordinated design and best material properties. The Alnwick side panel matches the white frame of the canopy and is made of powder-coated aluminium

The slightly bevelled outer edge provides good weather protection when entering and leaving your home. This protection is courtesy of the web glass that makes up the entire panel. The two thin acrylic glass panes are held together with honeycomb-like textured ridges and create a stable glazing.

The bottom brace of the door has a length of 450 mm, the upper crossbar is 600 mm and the height of the side panel is 175 mm.

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Canopy construction

Canopy construction

What is a canopy construction? »

Ordering process


Delivery time

It will take 1-2 weeks for your side panel to be delivered.




Your side panel will be delivered safely to your home on a 40t truck.




All of our side panels are shrink-wrapped and shipped on pallets.




Your new side panel comes with a 5-year warranty.


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