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Classic IV 78 folding sliding door

The striking profile with clear contours

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  • Almost complete opening of the folding sash
  • Classic design
  • Available in the wood types pine, spruce, meranti, larch, eucalyptus and oak
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Estimated production time 5-8 weeks1
Classic IV 78

Overview of features

Standard triple glazing with a Ug-value of 0.7 W/m²K

High-quality folding hardware from Siegenia

Effortless sash movement thanks to ball bearing rollers made of a special plastic material

5-year warranty

Blue stain protection

High-quality surface thanks to hydroplaning

Grade 1a wood

German brand quality

Customer satisfaction

Over 200,000 happy customers and counting

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Profile description

  • Glazing: You may wish to opt for triple glazing, depending on your requirements
  • Glass seal: The glass seal provides optimal protection against water penetration
  • Glass strip: Provides the necessary contact pressure between the seals and glass
  • Sash design: The sash has a classic offset design
  • Rain rail: The rain rail provides good protection for heavily used areas
  • Layer-glued wood: The layer-glued wood with continuous cover lamination ensures high stability and guarantees a long-lasting wood window
  • Sealing levels: The two sealing levels ensure good thermal and sound insulation

Classic IV 78 – system description

  • 78 mm construction depth with a Uf-value of 1.1 W/m²K (in spruce)
  • Standard triple glazing, Ug 0.7 W/m²K
  • Layer-glued sawn timber, available in pine, spruce, meranti, larch, eucalyptus and oak.
  • Smooth wood surface due to hydro-tensioned fine planing
  • Factory-applied finish to protect against UV rays and moisture
  • Finished with an electrostatic spraying process using environmentally friendly paints and varnishes
  • High-quality folding hardware from Siegenia
  • The lower frame moulds, which are particularly affected by the weather, are protected by a coated or anodised water drainage channel
  • Effortless sash movement thanks to ball bearing rollers made of a special plastic material
  • Maintenance-free sash hinges with plastic pins
  • Glazing unit thickness from 20 to 32 mm
  • Thermal, safety and soundproof glazing possible


  • Integrated multipoint locking system, lockable from inside and outside

Classic IV 78 folding sliding door

This folding sliding door with the Classic IV 78 profile is made of Grade 1a wood and allows the folding sashes to be opened almost entirely.

ImageProfileModelProduct TypeWidthHeight
IV 78mmClassicFolding sliding door from 201 cm from 188.50 cm
windows24.com available New White from € 3,032

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