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Chinchilla Glass: Elegance and Privacy in One

Clear textured glass, also called ornamental glass, can simultaneously add both beauty and privacy to your home. Rooms and areas which need both natural light and a degree of privacy at the same time, are perfect candidates for chinchilla glass. Bathroom windows, shower doors and places like doctors' offices are examples where it is found most frequently. Despite its special pattern, it is just as easy to clean as regular glass and can also be combined with toughened or laminated glass as well, whether in windows or doors.

Chinchilla Patterned Glass in Custom Shapes & Sizes

In addition to classic clear Chinchilla glass, this pattern is also available in a bronze tint. It offers a somewhat darker base color while still allowing plenty of light to pass through. When it comes to design there are almost no boundaries to the styles of ornamental textured glass. Additional options include use on cabinets, doors, offices, libraries and more. With the ability to customize every aspect of your window, Windows24 enables you configure the exact type of glass, frame and accessories in your custom window or door. As far as glazing, this includes shape, size, style and function. Chichinilla glass can be fitted in standard square or rectangular shapes as well as circular or other geometric shapes.

Chinchilla glass

In addition, integrating wire mesh into the glass pane can create unique structures and patterns. For example, our very popular Silvit style features a look which evokes running water and like the Chinchilla glass is ideal for use in bathrooms, showers and similar areas.

Combine Safety Glass & Patterned Glass

Chinchilla glass and ornamental glass in general can be also be combined with single pane safety glass, or toughened glass, by way of a special heat treatment process. The advantages here are increased thermal shock resistance and less risk of injury from small shards should the pane break. Toughened glass, if broken, falls into small blunt grain-like pieces and usually shatters completely, instead of leaving jagged edges behind. It can of course be integrated into any type of window, independently of the frame material, as well as doors.

Blurred view through Chinchilla structural glass

Regardless of whether you choose frosted glass, Silvit glass or Chinchilla glass – with toughened glass you’ll get both safety and design in one sleek package.

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