IDEALU Trendline Aluminum Clad Wood Windows

High quality wood-aluminum system

  • High value system in semi-recessed design
  • Available in pine, larch, oak and more
  • Extremely weatherproof and easy to maintain
10 years warranty

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Your Advantages at a Glance

10 year guarantee

RAL Seal of Approval for the aluminum cladding

High quality hydroplaned wood surfaces and special color options

Grade 1a wood

Made in Germany

High quality components from well-known manufacturers


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Profile Description

  1. Glazing: Choose between double or triple glazing.
  2. Glazing gasket: The glazing gasket provides optimum protection against water penetration.
  3. Casement style: Modern with a semi-recessed design.
  4. Laminated wooden panels: Glued wood edge bands with continuous laminated top layer provide stability and durability.
  5. Sealing levels: Three sealing levels ensure both good thermal and noise insulation.

Explanation IDEALU Trendline profile


IDEALU Trendline Aluminum Clad Wood Windows - Description


  • Insulating glass can be combined with sun protection, sound reduction glazing (to class 4) as well as anti-burglar and ornamental glass options
  • UV-resistant seals
  • Wet glazing


  • Surface treatment increases durability and window life
  • Natural wood finishes and RAL paint colors available


  • Custom feature combinations for insulation, noise reduction, security, opening method and location. 


  • Thermal insulation per DIN 4108 and EnEV standards
  • Sound insulation from levels II to V (per VDI 2719 SSK, SSK)
  • Anti-burglar level options up to Resistance Class 2 (DIN V ENV 1627-1630)
  • Wood windows with an RSG 10-year guarantee are only coated with products which conform to all European requirements.
Advantages in Detail

Idealu Trendline - Advantages in Detail

Buy Aluminum Clad Wood Windows online

By focusing on e-commerce, we are able to keep our overhead low and pass these savings on to our customers in the form of high quality yet low-priced windows and doors. Compared to standard market prices, we are able to offer our customers' savings of up to 35% over competitors and bricks and mortar stores. Moreover, every aspect of our products is customizable in contrast to those offered at DIY stores. Buy your aluminum clad wood windows of pine, larch or meranti online at and see for yourself!

Affordable Aluminum Clad Wood Windows

Our Idealu Trendline aluminum clad wood windows is a unique window insofar as being made of a combination of two high quality materials. With beautiful wood on the inside and weatherproof, maintenance-free, aluminum cladding on the outside, it's a perfect match

Personalize your windows and choose from the wide variety of colors we can offer to suit your taste and project's requirements. With a different interior and exterior surface, the possibilities are even greater than with single material windows.

With a tough aluminum shell, maintenance is considerably lower compared to conventional wood windows which require more upkeep and repainting.

Aluminum Clad Wood Windows: Top of the Line

The Idealu Trendline composite window is the highest quality window offered by us at given its technically advanced production process combining two different materials into a single end product. On the inside, you get a beautiful wood look providing the warmth and a traditional feel that only wood can.


On the exterior is an aluminium shell, which is welded in the corners of the windows and applied as a shell coating on the outside of the wood base. We offer wood-aluminium windows in multiple wood species including pine, meranti, larch and oak as well as in a wide variety of colors. And thanks to our special varnishing process, the wood surfaces  are extremely durable adding to their lifespan and low maintenance requirements.

Product information

IDEALU Trendline Aluminum Clad Wood Windows

IDEALU Trendline aluminum clad wood windows are available in pine, larch and oak and are extremely weatherproof.

Image System Model Window Type Width Height
IDEALU Trendline Composite Windows
Idealu Trendline 68
Idealu Trendline Aluminum Clad Window from 50 cm from 50 cm
Logo Brand Availability Condition Colour Price
in stock New White, mahagony, teak,
chestnut, walnut, RAL colors
from 349

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