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Aluminium window ALUPROF MB-70

The alu premium system

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  • Modern, flush design
  • Durable and high-quality material
  • With the option of double or triple glazing
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Estimated production time 3-6 weeks1
aluprof MB-70

Overview of features

Modern aluminium system

High thermal insulation

Large field of application.

In various RAL colours

For energy-saving construction

Customer satisfaction

Over 200,000 satisfied customers and counting

Jack’s Point, Otago, New Zealand
Residential building
Jack’s PointOtago, New Zealand
uPVC-alu windows and doors for a passive house

“windows24.com brought windows and doors with amazing quality to our project. The products are well-built and certified for passive house values.”

Colorado project
Residential building
Wood-alu and aluminium windows and doors

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Heathmont, Melbourne, Australia
Residential building
HeathmontMelbourne, Australia
Composite windows and doors for a passive house

“We spent more than a year searching for a window manufacturer with high product quality and maximum design flexibility. At windows24.com we found the perfect solution for us.”

Cornwallis, Auckland, New Zealand
Residential building
CornwallisAuckland, New Zealand
uPVC windows and a sliding door for high wind zone

“Our architect recommended windows24.com to us. Their German-based window expert team was very helpful in finalising details, organising transport and training my onsite-builder.”

Private house Massachusetts
Residential building
Private houseMassachusetts, USA
uPVC windows

“windows24.com was a great partner for constructing our house. With their help we reached highest quality in terms of design and isolation.”

Profile description

  • Glazing: You can choose double or triple glazing to suit your needs
  • Glass seal: The glass seal offers optimal protection against the ingress of water
  • Sash design: The sash features a modern, flush design
  • Glass strip: Ensures the necessary contact pressure between the seals and the glass
  • Sealing levels: The two sealing levels provide good thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Profile chambers: The profiles are divided up into several chambers to achieve good levels of thermal insulation
  • Thermal insulation : A special heat-insulating intermediate layer ensures thermal separation

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Order aluminium windows online
The window profile

ALUPROF MB-70 - The advantages in detail

Safety first

Aluminium windows are mainly used because of their high durability. They are weather-resistant, robust, durable and require little care. Sturdy aluminium window frames are a good choice if you want to avoid frequent maintenance and expensive repairs. In combination with security fittings, aluminium windows such as the ALUPROF MB 70 also provide increased break-in protection and effective noise protection. Burglar-resistant glazing, for example laminated safety glass (VSG), ensures that the glass pane is not easy to break. This makes it more difficult for potential burglars.

Efficient thermal insulation

Although aluminium itself has a high thermal conductivity, modern frames such as the MB 70 from ALUPROF are designed in such a way that the problem is avoided. New aluminium windows are therefore manufactured in multiple shells and the frames have a thermal break and an additional insulating layer between the shells. New aluminium window frames such as those from ALUPROF are therefore of very high quality when it comes to thermal insulation efficiency. For an exact specification of the thermal insulation, you can refer to the Uw value. The lower this is, the better the insulating properties. The thermal insulation capacity can be further improved by using special insulating inserts.

Stylish design to suit your taste

Left untreated, aluminium window frames like the MB 70 model would corrode. Therefore, the surface is treated with a special finish. There are basically two different processes for this, which can be partly specified: anodizing and powder coating.

During anodizing, an oxide layer is created on the window frame using an electrolytic process. The coating ensures that the material is more weather-resistant, so you can enjoy your beautiful aluminium windows for a long time. There are several colour options in the windows24.com configuration tool.

Powder coating: a special powder – often epoxy or polyester resin – is applied to the pre-treated aluminium frame using an electrostatic process. This layer of powder is then melted and finally fired. There are countless options for colouring, from standard to special colours.


ALUPROF MB-70 is a modern aluminium window system with excellent sound and heat insulation. It relies on a three-chamber profile.

ImageProfileModelProduct TypeWidthHeight
ALUPROFMB-70Window from 50 cm from 50 cm
windows24.com available New White from € 136
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