Front Door Kelowna

uPVC Front Doors – Model Kelowna

  • Modern design with four glass panels
  • Generous stainless steel trim on interior and exterior
  • Stainless steel glazing on both sides of frame

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Endurance and security

A door is so much more than simply an element of house construction. It is the calling card of the house and its residents. Its style, shape and colour tells you from afar who lives within. As such the choice of any front door should be considered carefully: after all, there are other important factors to consider such as insulation, durability and safety. Doors such as the Kelowna are manufactured of solid uPVC and impress in all areas. Furthermore, there is a wide assortment of other individual configuration possibilities to enhance these exterior doors.


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Stylish, stable, secure – Kelowna uPVC exterior doors

Besides aluminium and timber, uPVC is one of the most popular materials for constructing exterior doors. The advantages: uPVC doors are comparatively cheap and are recommended due to their easy to maintain and very robust upper surfaces.

When it comes to individual requirements, safety is very often top of the list. The number of burglaries is increasing in many countries and alternative locking systems ever more popular; locking mechanisms incorporating 3 or 5 hooks are available and serve to hold the door in its lock even under extreme force.

When the Kelowna is upgraded in such a way, potential burglars give up in dismay. Where required, offers further strengthening for doors such as multi-pane glazing, automatic locking or hinge safety mechanisms.

For all relevant information we have a free Hotline (0049 711 860 600). Besides the Kelowna our product catalogue at has many other uPVC doors and windows on offer as well as all manner of building materials.

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uPVC Front Doors – Model Kelowna

Front door Kelowna comes with a generous stainless steel application outside and it is available in multiple colour variants.

ImageProfileModelProduct TypeWidthHeight
Front Door Kelowna
aluplast HT4000 HTplus
Model KelownauPVC Front door from 76 cm from 188.50 cm
available New White, mahagonygolden oakwalnutgrayanthracite
from 1,708
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