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French Door Screens – safe and secure

An insect screen for your French door to balcony or patio offers safe protection against irritating bugs, often attracted by the smells from your barbecue or by the house lighting, and which then fly around the home. Insects such as mosquitoes, flies, wasps, moths etc. are unwelcome guests, some of which can leave painful bites. In order to protect yourself and your family from unwanted insects inside the home but still be able to spend relaxing summer evenings on the balcony or patio it is advisable, to install a stable and functional insect screen for the French door. Windows24.com offers a range of effective protection against insects.

Wide Range of made-to-measure Door Screen Solutions

On the one hand there are houses with extremely impressive balcony or patio doors, and on the other there are houses and flats with smaller entrances where less space is available. The screen for a French door on balcony or patio must therefore fit the individual situation and the building specifications. Additionally, the particular needs and wishes of the house owner or tenant must be taken into consideration when choosing the right type of insect protection. Some residents frequently make use of their balcony or patio and there is therefore a lot of traffic to and from.

This is especially so when there are children in the house, and who love to play in the garden or on the balcony and are continually opening and closing the door. The simple swing door is the best solution here an, an insect-protection screen for balcony or patio French door that swings open in both directions and then slowly but automatically swings closed. Other home owners and tenants though use their balcony only occasionally but still want to have the luxury of a fly screen. The various insect protection measures suited here can be used as and when required and include pleated roller blinds and a standard roller which can be electrically operated if desired.

Insect screens for French doors in six different versions can be selected, all of which have their advantages but all fulfill the highest standards in quality. The different insect screen door options are divided up into the following types which can be installed on your balcony or patio without the need for drilling and are child’s play to use:

  • Sliding door
  • Swivel frame
  • Swing door
  • Pleated blinds
  • Roller blinds
  • Electric roller blinds

Overview of insect protection systems

The following information gives advice on choosing the right protection according to actual requirements, needs and situation. The ideal protection against insects at the balcony door or leading into the garden should provide reliable protection against bugs over a long life time and ensure relaxed sleep and quiet nights.

Suited to all requirements and building specifications: matching the home and made to measure the insect screen for the French door can be installed without the need for drilling, is child’s play to operate and impresses with a timeless design. Durable, stable and secure – the highest demands when it comes to quality from Windows24.com.

Insect Protection for large Doors

For those who enjoy a large and imposing set of French doors, which can be made up of up to six elements, should go for the sliding door option for an insect screen door. This has been specially designed for large openings and has been constructed to be extremely stable and resistant.

Being wind and weather resistant and very robust it can withstand knocks and bumps. Sliding doors especially well suited for levered and lifting and sliding doors, large balcony and patio doorways as well as conservatories. It consists of a very stable but large fabric mesh, structured out of durable fibre glass netting. This allows full visibility to the outside, but does not allow insects and other pests into the living space.

  • Sliding doors can be fitted without drilling and require only a very narrow depth while being very robust
  • As an optional extra the door can be made to be foot operated, allowing automatic opening and closing even when one has all hands full
  • Silent running rollers provide quiet operation of the sliding door
  • Hidden brakes serve to slow and stop the sliding door along the guide rail

Tip: Because of the large surface areas of these sliding doors with fly screen it is advisable to attach stickers to the netting to avoid unwanted accidents.

French Door Insect Screens for practically every Type of Door

Where a balcony or patio door is frequently in use then it needs to have an extremely stable, effective and durable insect screen door. In this case the swivel door is a good choice of insect protection for the French door. This is a very commonly used model, as it can be used for practically every type of balcony and patio door.

Furthermore the swing door is very flexible and is free to design in any style. The attractive design of swivel doors and the choice of classic colours such as white, brown or anthracite make it possible to integrate the insect screen on balcony and patio into the total design of the home.

What is more – no drilling is required. Even fairly unskilled DIY hobby enthusiasts can fit the fly screen. However, before one starts it is important to have the precise measurements so that the insect screen door can be fitted exactly. These door screens offer the following main advantages:

  • Little depth for mounting required, but provides extremely good stability
  • Secure against insects and other creepy-crawlies due to special brush seals
  • Kick strip fitted with noise reducer insulation
  • Magnetic closing strip (not visible)
  • Easy to operate
  • No drilling necessary

Insect protection for balcony doors

The swivel door is a real all-rounder. A popular form of insect protection which fulfills the highest of expectations.

Insect Screens for French Doors in frequent Use

Where balcony or garden is often used and enjoyed, when children are present, barbecues are common or garden parties frequently held, then the swing door is the ideal solution for French doors with insect screen. These doors have the advantage that they have an opening angle of 180 degrees in both directions – without the need to have a hand free to open or close the swing door. A magnetic device ensures that the swing door returns to its closed position, softly and reliably. The closing mechanism is designed to close gently a carefully so that there is no danger of any injury. The swing door can also be fitted with no drilling necessary and poses for the hobby DIY expert absolutely no problems. It is perfectly suitable for large families where there is a lot of to and fro between the living areas and the balcony or patio and still offers effective protection against insects and other bugs. While the parents get the barbecue going and have both hands full with bowls and plates of salad, meat and other delicacies, the door opens and closes on its own.

The swing door is the best solution where there is a lot of human traffic. Some of the advantages of the swing door as effective inset protection are:

  • Good stability coupled with durability using the newest pivot fittings technology
  • Convenience of 120 degree passing angle, door opens without needing to be touched
  • Flexible application for almost every French door set up
  • Speedy and child’s play fitting with no drilling required
  • Safe closing of swing door with no risk of injury
  • Additional locking, inside and out, possible
  • Optional fitting of dog or cat flap

Space-Saving Solutions to French Door Insect Protection

Where the need is for insect protection for balcony or patio door but this must use little space and also disappears when not in use then the following are some solutions available:

Product Advantage
Roller blind
  • flexible application
  • stable and modern
Electric roller blind
  • ease of operation
  • high speed motor
Pleated blind
  • modern appearance
  • heavy-duty fabric

Pleated blinds are a special design of roller blind, having a pleated finish and due to this attractive appearance they are often chosen as flexible protection against insects.

All three of these variants can be rolled up into a cassette box when not needed. This can be mounted within the living areas or mounted somewhere externally as required. The rolling up of the roller blind or the pleated blind is carried out manually. The electrically operated roller is controlled using remote control or radio.

All products are child’s play to mount and install and just as easy to operate. Additionally, the insect protection of these solutions is fully accessible, rigidly made and will last a long time. The advantages of these more flexible forms of French door insect protection are as follows:

  • Maximum stability, no tilting due to the integrated tension cords
  • Modern appearance, choice of three colours (black, brown, anthracite)
  • Minimum space required, maximum function
  • No fraying of the fibre glass mesh due to brush seals
  • Adjustable spring tension, as required
  • Remote controlled high speed motor (electric rollers)

Economic and High Quality French Door Screens

Windows24.com offers the visitor a wide assortment of different insect protection doors.

We have a great selection of forms, sizes and colours on offer, so that the insect protection for your French door can be fitted precisely and in only a few simple steps into your individual door; and without having to bore any holes.

All our French door screens are extremely resistant and sturdy, stable, robust and durable. They can be fitted exactly into every situation and impress as protection against insects while allowing lots of light and fresh air into the home. Free visibility to the outside world is ensured while providing an efficient barrier against bugs and insects.

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