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Composite back doors

Back doors made from uPVC aluminium composite materials combine all the best attributes of both materials. So, if you're looking for a door that's both very secure and insulates well, you can't go wrong with this choice. Even better, composite back doors can be individualised to fit the style of your home every bit as much as any other door available at windows24.com.

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Our range of composite back doors

Entrance doors combining uPVC and aluminium parts are highly reliable and easy to customise.

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Further information

The advantages of the composite construction

You don't want someone to break into your home and you don't want precious heat from escaping in the winter months either. That's why safety and quality are the two most important aspects of any door. The good news: Composite back doors can prevent both of these things from happening:

  • The multi-chamber uPVC core insulates thermally (good U-value).
  • The exterior aluminium shell provides weather protection and security.

Thus, the long-lasting composite material can offer similar attributes to a solid wooden front door, just without the necessity for regular maintenance. Wooden doors need to be re-painted regularly to protect them against moisture, while uPVC (PVC-U, PVCu) and metal surfaces only need to be cleaned with a wet rag and some mild detergent when necessary. Glass elements can be cleaned in the same way you would clean your windows.

Why side entrance doors benefit from this material

Back doors are a convenient way to reach your garden or your driveway without having to use the front door every time. Depending on where your composite back door is installed, you might use it more or less frequently. Unfortunately, for would-be burglars, they are a good way to break into your home (much like windows or other glazing elements).

Luckily, an exterior metal shell provides excellent burglary protection to counteract this.

The metal shell is important since it's highly resistant to force. Compared to a uPVC door, a composite back door can withstand attacks from a wide range of tools such as saws, hammers, or drills. In addition, the metal makes the door more resistant to warping, making it significantly more challenging to take the door off the hinges while it's closed.

Naturally, a metal shell doesn't guarantee complete security from burglars. You also need a range of additional security options (such as multi-point locking mechanisms or high-security glass) to ensure absolute safety. However, the material alone can scare off some would-be intruders, as they may conclude it's just not worth the risk. Even experienced burglars recognise that breaking through a thick sheet of metal takes time, which increases the chances of being discovered.

Why not a wooden back door design?

windows24.com offers back doors made from uPVC, steel and composite materials, but you won't find timber doors for the back entrance here. Our reasoning is that the woodgrain may look good with the style of your home (and timber is very energy-efficient), but looks aren't everything, especially for back doors. Also, timber may require more maintenance than you're willing to put into a door hidden behind your house.

Keep in mind that a lack of maintenance can make even the most high-quality wooden door start rotting over time. So why go through the effort of regularly re-painting your back door when you should focus on the front door, which guests will see when they visit? That's why windows24.com back doors are always made from low-maintenance materials.

Many options for configuring unique composite doors

The back entrance may not draw as much attention as the front door, but it's still worth customising to make it your own. After all, you don't want to go with the box standard; you'll want to determine the shape and colour of your new composite door to perfectly fit your aesthetic tastes and practical considerations. That's why windows24.com offers plenty of ways to individualise your very own composite door:

  • Composite door styles: windows24.com offers various doors in various shapes and composite door designs – some with glass inserts, some without any glazing at all.
  • Measurements: Our composite doors need to be at least 950 mm wide and 1150 mm tall. The maximum is 1950 x 2250 mm, allowing you to find the right door for your needs within an extensive range of sizes.
  • Door handle design: You can freely choose between three silver-coloured handle bars, which range from 800 to 1600 mm in length.
  • Colours: Our composite doors are always white on the inside, but the outer colour is free for you to choose. Common choices include: white (RAL 9016), anthracite grey (RAL 7016) and grey (RAL 7040) to create a composite door that fits your style.
  • Opening types and directions: If your back entrance area is narrow or hard to reach, you can choose whether your new composite door will open to the left or the right and whether the door leaf will swing outward or inward. 

All of these options allow you to design the perfect composite door for your home. Make sure your new door fits with your home, both in terms of looks and practical use (locking system, glazing inserts etc.). You can order your new front door at windows24.com and design it to your liking.

Frequently asked questions

Combining two materials allows standard composite doors (and windows) to have both the thermal efficiency of a multi-chamber profile uPVC door (the full U-values are dependent on the type of glass) and the robustness of aluminium doors. Combining both materials also counteracts their respective downsides. For example, uPVC doors are typically less resistant to warping. An exterior metal shell helps keep composite doors (and windows) in shape, making it much harder to break them open.

windows24.com composite back doors are available at a fair price. Yes, even composite models without glazing are more costly than doors made from uPVC since the design and construction processes are more intricate. But thanks to our competent production partners, we can still offer you composite doors at an affordable price that reflects their quality without straining your budget.

Yes, the windows24.com online configurator offers you a range of options for how wide and tall your composite door should be, so it can be fitted precisely into the wall where you want it. The smallest possible size is 950 x 1150 mm, and the maximum is 1950 x 2250 mm.

windows24.com composite doors always feature a white design on the inside, but you can customise the exterior colour. There are three different colours from the RAL colour range to choose from white (RAL 9016), anthracite grey (RAL 7016) and grey (RAL 7040). This style fits any home without being too garish. The colours are applied in such a way that they seal the surface area of your back entrance door against water. The colour coating also makes the surface more resistant to scratching.

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