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Drainage insulation wedge

Overview of gelbrot insulation wedge

  • Prevents thermal bridges
  • Simple processing
  • Pressure resistant

  • Width: 1000 mm
  • Depth: 370 mm
  • Height: 5/31 mm
  • Tilt angle: 4°
  • Material: polystyrene rigid foam


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Product Information

What properties do drainage insulation wedges have?

The insulating wedge from the gelbrot brand is made of pressure-resistant polystyrene foam (PS), has the dimensions 1000 x 370 x 5/31 mm and a tilt angle of 4°. The insulating wedges are robust, resilient and moisture resistant. This makes them an ideal component for thermal insulation. With a thermal conductivity of just 0.035 W/m²K, the risk of undesirablethermal bridges , for example on window sills, is minimised. This also reduces the risk of mould growth in the house, and avoids unnecessary heating costs and damage to health. The installation is also uncomplicated due to the simple processing of the product.

gelbrot drainage insulation wedge corresponds to building material class B1 according toEN 1402 for fire behaviour of building materials, and is therefore classified as "flame resistant".

Area of application of the insulating wedges

Thanks to the polystyrene properties, the wedges are suitable for both external and internal insulation. With a width of 1000 mm, a depth of 370 mm and a height of 5/31 mm, the gelbrot brand wedge is mainly used in the design of seamless connections between the insulation layer and rising components. Furthermore, the wedge is suitable for the areas:

  • Flanking insulation
  • Insulating the base of the building
  • Façade design (e.g. window insulation)
  • Flat roof with water drainage

With a tilt angle of 4°, this offers you a good opportunity for expert water drainage, for example on a flat roof. It is best to buy the wedge-shaped insulation boards in pairs so that they can be pushed against each other. This enables you to use the insulating materials for insulation between rafters in the roof. Protruding triangles can be cut off and the panels can then be wedged together. This so-called insulation wedge method is particularly easy to use and enables quick and precise insulation.

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