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Corner coupling

Window corner coupling at a glance

  • Flexible and stable connection
  • Optionally with variable angle
  • High stability due to steel component
  • Colour: Window decor


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Product Information

Window couplings for window construction

The corner couplings for windows are made of plastic and steel and are available in angles from 90 to 180 degrees. They are used when two window elements have to be connected to each other via a corner. If they are next to each other, a window frame is first placed in the opening and fixed with window screws. With the help of the corner coupling, you create a stable bond between the two individual pieces.

This is often a 90° corner - but it is also possible to couple two elements that are not at right angles to each other. This type of window coupling is called variable corner coupling and leaves room for modern architecture. Frequently used angular dimensions for variable couplings are 135° or 180°. They are usually available in the colour white.

Steel core for more stability

The more complex the profile system and the frames of the windows or doors are, the more sophisticated the couplings must be.

If the elements are particularly heavy or are coupled at a special angle, window corner couplings therefore contain a steel reinforcement.

Steel stabilises and gives the construction more safety. Thus, the entire system is specially secured and features a long service life.

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