Helima, Vienna style and real Glazing Bars for Wood Windows

We offer customers the choice of three different types of glazing bars on their custom windows:

Real Glazing Bars

Real glazing bars actually separate the window into multiple panes of glass as was standard in the past. Each individual section is fitted with its own small pane of glass. This type of window bar is available in the following sizes: 70 mm, 84 mm and 104 mm.

Dividing glazing bar - upvc window

Vienna Style Bars

Vienna style bars is a system that consists of glazing bars bonded to the outside of the glass. Unlike real glazing bars, the glass is a single piece with built-in spacers between the panes to create the impression of individual glazing. Vienna style bars are available in the following sizes: 26mm, 36mm and 46mm.

Viennese glazing bar - upvc window

Helima Window Bars

Helima type window bars consist of powder-coated aluminium bars which are fitted in the gap between the individual glass panes. They have the same look as traditional, real window bars. The powder coating colors available are Bronze C34 and C33 and of course white. If you do opt for one of the bronze colors, then we recommend that for wood windows you also choose the rain protection rail and the sash cover profile in the same color. These bars are available in the following sizes: 18 mm, 26 mm and 45 mm.

Helima glazing bar - upvc window

Colors for Helima bars

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