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Pine Wood Varnishes

Pine is a typical European conifer and resinous softwood. When the wood is treated at surface temperatures of 55°C and higher,  the resin turns liquid and runs off. The raw wood has a yellowish to red-brown color. Depending on the type of coating used (opaque finish or glazed varnish coating) and  weather conditions where the window is used, the wood should be recoated at regular intervals. For varnishes this is approximately every 2-3 years and every 4-5 years for opaque finishes. However, it may be required more or less frequently based on your location and climate. The outer surfaces of the window should therefore be checked for signs of wear once a year.

Meranti Wood Varnishes

Meranti is a tropical variety of wood also known as White Meranti or Seraya. It comes from southern Asia, primarily Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines. Meranti is a porous hardwood making it well suited for use in windows. The raw wood has an olive-brownish color and the tendency to darken over time. Although Meranti is a more resistant wood than pine, regular recoating is nevertheless important. Varnished wood should be redone after 2-3 years and painted wood with opaque finish after 4-5 years. As with all types of wood, Meranti too can require more frequent recoating depending on the weather and conditions where you live. The wood surfaces exposed to the weather conditions should be checked yearly for signs of wear or damage.

Oak Wood Varnishes

Oak is a member of the beech family and found all over the world from the Americas to China. It is a valuable hardwood and highly resistant to rotting and worms. Oak is an excellent choice for anything that is regularly exposed to dampness and moisture which is why it is particularly well suited for use in windows. Nevertheless, it should be regularly cared for like all materials and windows. Varnished surfaces require recoating approximately every 2-3 years while painted finishes should be repainted after 4-5 years. As with all types of wood, Oak too can require more frequent recoating depending on the weather and conditions where you live. The wood surfaces exposed to the weather conditions should be checked yearly for signs of wear or damage.

Larch Wood Varnishes

The European larch is a member of the larch family and native to Europe. It is valued for its toughness, durability and water resistance. Larch is one of the most important trees commercially in Europe and Asia. European Larch timber is the heaviest and the hardest of all the European conifers. Thus, it is sought after for use in building for external facing surfaces like windows, doors, and even boats. Larch wood has a reddish-brown color, darker towards the core, but with a whitish splint or sapwood towards the outside. The color difference between younger and older woods is especially noted at the core, where the wood develops a very decorative grain.

Spruce Wood Varnishes

With excellent heat insulation properties, Spruce is softwood well suited for use in windows and doors. Our spruce is harvested exclusively from Germany and Austria and always bears the PEFC seal for sustainable forestry (Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) which means that the wood does not originate from threatened primary forests. Spruce is fast growing and becoming more and more popular as the importance of energy efficiency grows worldwide. Only knot-free wood is used in windows and the laminated wood layers are ideal for achieving a beautiful surface, particularly when the wood grain is easily visible.

Eucalyptus Wood Varnishes

The wood of the eucalyptus plant or tree, also called blue gum tree, makes an excellent wood for windows and doors as it is even harder and firmer than oak. Despite its high gross density, eucalyptus is an extremely fast-growing wood, thus making it a great renewable resource. It is only harvested from selected plantations in order to avoid deforestation and protect delicate ecosystems. Due to its high oil content, Eucalyptus is very resistant to fungus and insects. Its high gross density makes it particularly strong making it favorite for wood working. 

* We strive to accurately depict all colors and finishes. However, the decorative finishes and wood colors illustrated here may vary slightly from the actual product depending on your screen resolution, graphics card and other settings. We accept no liability for possible color deviation between the colors on your computer screen and the actual frame color.

Colors Available for  Aluminum Clad Wood Windows

Oak WindowOak Window
Pine WindowPine windows
Mahogany WindowMahogany window
Meranti WindowMeranti window
Teak WindowTeak window
Walnut WindowWalnut window
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