Aluminum exterior window sills

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  • Protective foil on visible side
  • Optional sound deadening strip
  • Non-fading coating

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Exterior aluminum window sills have proven themselves over many years to offer a variety of advantages for home owners. Firstly, it will help protect the façade of your home from moisture and mold. Secondly, it improves your window’s insulation ability while also protecting it. Window sills help prevent heat from escaping the house but also from moisture, condensation and air seeping in and damaging your window or home. Windows24 offers a variety of options in the color, style and size you want. Mounting accessories are included.


Advantages of exterior window sills

Excellent weather protection for masonry and parapets in window and door areas

Rounded edge design increases effectiveness

Sound-deadening strips for noticeable noise reduction when raining

Includes end-caps for a neat finish

All the accessories you need for professional and easy installation


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Aluminum exterior window sills

Technical details

Quick Installation:

Exterior window sills made of aluminum are simple to install and have a highly resistant surface. They are exclusively made of weatherproof and easy to care for aluminum (AL MG Si 0.5).

Suitable for plastered and non-plastered facades

This aluminum window sill model is made of extruded profiles with a 40mm drip groove. It is suitable for both plastered and unplastered facades

Custom color matching and façade design

Our window sills are available in the entire range of RAL shades and tints including standard colors like white (RAL 9016), silver (natural aluminum) and C34 (dark bronze).

Noise Absorption for Case of Rain or Hail

The self-adhesive sound deadening strip reduces the drumming noise of driving rain and hail. It is installed on the bottom side of the window sill.

Select the window sill dimensions

Exterior aluminum window sills are available in lengths of up to 6,000 mm or in fixed lengths to suit your window. Available in projection sizes including: 50, 70, 90, 110, 130, 150, 165, 180, 195, 210, 225, 240, 260, 280, 320 and 360 mm.

Easy to Mount

Whether in a new building or renovation project, our window sills are simple to install. You can use our how to guide for installing window sills if you’re planning to do the job yourself.


Pros and Cons

Window sills are more than just places to keep plants or pictures. On the outside of your home, window sills can serve a number of purposes. One of the main functions of exterior window sills is to divert rain water away from the facade. Otherwise, water and dirt would slowly damage the walls over time and leave them looking dirty and stained.

Thus, exterior window sills are fitted with a special edge, slanted in a way to keep water draining away from the house. Of course, they can also be used to place items on such as potted plants or to accent your home’s appearance.

Numerous possibilities from aluminium to stone 

There are many differences between the countless window sills on the market today. For window sills on the exterior of the home, the amount of space available is important to note. If the house has walls that are thicker than usual, then it may be necessary to have the windows sills custom made to fit if standard sizes are incompatible.

Additionally, they can also differ based on your personal tastes, selection of material, and budget. Modern exterior window sills mostly use aluminum, but the following materials can also be used:

  • Plastics
  • Marble
  • Stainless steel
  • Wood
  • Stone

These materials differ from each other not just in their appearance, but also in terms of the properties of each and how they relate to your specific needs.

Product lifetime and required upkeep are perhaps the most important points. Aluminum window sills for example, have a longer lifetime than wood which also requires recoating every five years.

A third difference between the various window sills is the shape or design. Exterior window sills are fitted with a drip edge. The edge itself presents a characteristic appearance and should, therefore, be specially chosen to blend in with the rest of the facade. The most commonly found edgings are:

  • Simple straight edge
  • Stepped and rounded edge
  • Modern with delicate profile
  • Distinguished without rounding
  • Raised side piece

Naturally this is not an exhaustive list of every possible variation you can find today. One point to note is that not every type of edge is possible with every material. Edging with raised sides, for example, is only offered with stone sills. Similarly, the stepped and rounded edge model is for wood and aluminum only.

Advantages and disadvantages of various models

Your final choice of material for your external window sills will of course bring certain advantages and disadvantages with it regarding things such as durability and maintenance. Aluminum is by far the easiest in these two aspects and requires only a quick wipe down from time to time in order to keep them looking good.

One of the down sides of most window sills is that they typically cannot be installed without professional help. Therefore, it is usually necessary to have a craftsman fit and install them to ensure they sit correctly and securely. Whatever the exact needs or appearance of your home, we have the matching window sills you need

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