illbruck TwinAktiv Flex - with plaster grid 50 metres


Incl. 19% VAT, delivery in 5-10 days
The illbruck window films TwinAktiv Flex, TwinAktiv EW and illbruck TwinAktiv E or W meet the planning and mounting recommendations corresponding to DIN 4108-7.

Size: 50-70mm
Joint: 10-30mm
Roll length: 50 metres

Product advantages of all illbruck TwinAktiv window films:
  • work faster with only one product
  • no more confusion as one film fits the in- and outside
  • meet all requirements set by the RAL Quality Association regarding joint sealing components and systems
How to use an illbruck TwinAktiv Flex film?
  • The film changes its vapour diffusion properties depending on the ambient humidity:
    High humidity level = low sd-value and
    low humidity level = high sd-value
  • The drying capacity of illbruck TwinAktiv Flex films lasts throughout the years to avoid moisture penetration and to maintain thermal insulation.
  • The thermal insulation stays functionable regardless of temperature fluctuations.
  • regulates condensation: The film adapts actively to changing moisture conditions.
  • prevents mildew damage
  • multipurpose indoor and outdoor usability and increased security.
  • Large elastic pleat makes lots of fields of application possible