An apparent contradiction in terms – wood and high-tech - but not when it is combined to create FUHR Multisafe locks with multipoint locking. Not visible from outside, they provide every wooden door with convenient, easy-to-operate locking without spoiling the high quality look of a wood door.

Locks for wooden front doors

3-Fold locking

The FUHR MULTISAFE 3-fold loking system automatically provides additional security. As soon as the door is in its closed position two claw bolts automatically move into position and provide a multi-point locking to be reckoned with. This also provides a certain protection against any warping of the door.

Entrance door triple lock

7-Fold locking

The FUHR MULTISAFE 7-fold locking system provides increased security through its optimum distribution of forces. It consists of two duo bolt / hook combinations top and bottom each with two round bolts in turn positioned above and below a claw bolt as well as having the central locking bolt.

Entrance door seven-fold lock

For additional security the 7-point locking can be combined with an extra security bolt. Alternatively it is possible to add a strip bolt with hooks to the two locking points to provide additional protection.

Convenient features

Electric door opening

The E-opener is an electronic element fitted into the lock system which allows the door to be opened quickly and conveniently using a specially fitted flip switch.

  • Due to its symmetric construction can be fitted right or left
  • The single profile edge reduces energy loss, sealing and look of door are unimpaired
  • Milling of front profile edge no longer required, the radial latch part moves inwards in circular movement
  • High quality finishing in cast steel guarantees long life

Electric front door opener

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