Wooden Entry Doors – Model Los Angeles

Entry door Los Angeles

  • Friendly, modern appearance
  • Five rounded glass panels in arc formation
  • Overlapping sash as standard
frontdoor made in germany

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Fancy and original optics

The Los Angeles model is a special example from the category of wooden entry doors. Having five rounded glass insets integrated into the door in a stylish arc, which guarantee an extravagant and stylish look. Hence a glance into the garden is always possible without having to give away anything about the inside of the home. After all, a entry door is also there to protect from the prying eyes of nosy passers-by. As with all wooden entry doors offered at Windows24.com the wood used for the manufacture of these entry doors is only of grade A. Choosing a wooden entry door from the Los Angeles model one is on the first steps to building one’s dream house.


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A door for every situation

Nowadays the selection of entry doors on offer is extremely great. There are very many types on the market. And what is more there are also alternatives. When it comes down to entry doors – but the same goes for windows – the alternatives are aluminium, PVC and steel. Each one of these materials has its own special properties and advantages. Wood, for example, is a material which is light and easy to work with not just when making doors, and which can be created in many different colours with the application of paints or varnishes.

The Los Angeles model of door offers two different security locking systems, which can be applied to the standard model.

But even if security is the highest priority, neither looks nor efficiency need suffer. These can easily be integrated into the Los Angeles entry doors. Many further products can be found at Windows24.com.

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Wooden Entrance Doors– Model Los Angeles

Entrance door Model Los Angeles has a friendly, modern appearance with five rounded glass panels in an arc formation.

Image Profile Model Door Type Width Height
Entrance Doors– Model Los Angeles
Basic 70 mm
Premium 80 mm
Model Los Angeles Wooden Entrance door from 80 cm from 190 cm
Logo Brand Availability Condition Colour Price
in stock New White, mahagony,
walnut, RAL colours
from 3290.00
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