Glazing for French Doors: Energy Efficiency and Safety

French doors convey a certain quality of life and for many people are the absolutely essential requirements for their new apartment or house. The glass for these doors should therefore fulfill especially demanding criteria. The high quality glazing should provide the necessary safety and lower energy costs while being optically stylish perhaps with interesting ornamental frosted or textured glass, simultaneously protecting privacy from passersby.

Glazing Options

Many types of glazing are available for the French door. Just as for windows balcony and patio doors and be fitted with glazing which has wood fixtures or it may be surrounded by uPVC or it can come in composite wood and aluminium form. At all our various door versions can be selected in all conventional colour shades.

Right at the beginning it is crucial to determine in which direction the French door is to open, either inwardly or outwardly. When it comes to the glass there are various types in different categories of safety. Balcony and patio door safety glass is available from laminated safety glass manufactured from sheets of float glass through thermically tempered single sheet safety glass to impact resistant glass in the security classes A1, A2 or A3. For additional security glass. French doors can be fitted with optional door drive.

View through a sunscreen-glazed french door

glass doors with privacy

Frosted Ornament Glass and Textured Glass

Frosted ornament glass and textured glass types are well-known from the fact that they are popular for WC and bathroom windows but can also provide the French door with useful service. Living areas equipped with these sorts of glazing cannot be looked into and thus remain very private. The obvious advantage here: privacy is maintained even when the roller shutters are up. The models "Satinato" and "Mastercarree" are extremely popular in this respect. Further options, all available at, are:

  • Chinchilla
  • Cathedral small
  • Silvit 178
  • Ornament 504 or Ornament 550 and Ornament 597.

Blurred view through ornamental glazing

a worthwhile investment

Triple Glazing for French Doors

Triple glazing in combination with balcony or patio doors guarantees maximum energy efficiency. Just as in other areas of the house or home this type of glazing pays in the long term and reduces incidental costs.

Efficiency can be calculated using the so-called UG-values.‘s triple glazing achieves either 0.6 or 0.7 W/qmK according to standard DIN EN 673 and is demonstrably more effective than double glazing.

Triple-glazed french door

effective methods to reduce noise

Soundproof Balcony

Häufig grenzt der Balkon an das Schlaf- oder Wohnzimmer. Gerade in belebten Gebieten ist es deswegen wichtig, auf Schallschutz Glas zu setzen. Hierbei gibt es insgesamt drei verschiedene Klassen, die im Folgenden vorgestellt werden:

  • Balkontür Glas der Schallschutzklasse 2 – 32 dB: Diese Standardvariante aus 4 mm Floatglas (innen und außen) und 16 mm Scheibenzwischenraum ist für weniger stark befahrene Wohnstraßen ideal.
  • Balkontür Glas der Schallschutzklasse 3 – 37 dB: Bis zu 37 Dezibel werden mit Schallschutzklasse 3 ausgeblendet – geeignet also für mittelstark befahrene Wohnstraßen (50-200 PKW pro Stunde)
  • Balkontür Glas Schallschutzklasse 4 – 43 dB: Für Hauptverkehrsstraßen ist Balkontür Glas der vierten Kategorie besonders empfehlenswert.

Bei sind die Maße von Balkontür Glas völlig individuell bestimmbar. Die Werte der Gesamtbreite und Gesamthöhe geben die Nutzer in Millimetern an, um die Balkontür genau passend zu verglasen.

At all measurements for your sound insulation glass can be individually chosen. The values of the complete width and complete height in millimeters show the total glass necessary to glaze the balcony door. A door threshold is another useful accessory to match one’s order with one’s individual requirements. The advantage here: these floor-flush exits eliminate any potential tripping point hazard. Naturally all balcony doors can be selected with the appropriate roller shutter. As well as providing the chance to effectively darken either the bedroom or the living room, special roller shutters increase the safety aspect.

Balcony doors with soundproofing glazing

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