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Glass canopy Warwick


Featuring a completely clear, linear pent roof design, bright ribbed glass that does not impede the light and a white aluminium frame, this canopy could hardly offer more clarity if it tried.

Extremely light overall weight

Maximum brightness

Resistant synthetic glass

Rain gutter with a drain on both sides

Discreet optics allow for multiple designs

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6 kg

with drainage on both sides

Whether you install the "Warwick" model as a natural complement to your facade's modern design or as a deliberate contrast to such surfaces as stone walls is entirely up to you. Please note that the associated side panel is not included in the scope of delivery. The matching Warwick model canopy side panel can be found in our shop.


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Robust, stylish, practical – the advantages brought to you by our canopies

Alu canopy, detail view


This popular material is not only robust and looks very modern indeed, but features a high-quality surface that is easy to care for, too.

Glass canopy, detail view


A glass canopy keeps the entrance to your home looking friendly and bright. It also adds a touch of modern architectural flair.

Canopy, appearance in detail

Appearance and function

Standing outside your front door, looking for your key in the rain? A canopy keeps you and your entrance area dry and truly turns your home into your castle.

Product description

  • Frame material: aluminium
  • Colour white
  • Clear web glass
  • Flat roof
  • 1,200 (width) x 335 (height) x 840 (depth) mm
  • Weight: 6kg
  • Rain gutter with a drain on both sides
  • Mounting material not included

Detail drawings

Warwick model

The Warwick model canopy boasts a flat-roofed design with a frame made of white-coloured aluminium and a cover consisting of bright ribbed glass. It features a rain gutter with drainage on both sides.

It is linear and functional, making it ideally suited for modern buildings. At the same time, however, it can also look just as interesting when contrasted with rustic architecture.

Aluminium is not only lighter than stainless steel, but is also cheaper, too. And as if that were not enough, it does not compromise on weather resistance or ease of maintenance, either.

This is particularly advantageous when it comes to the entrance to your home. The web glass used for your canopy is an acrylic glass variant that is particularly light, robust and easy to care for.

It consists of two thin acrylic glass sheets that are connected by bars to form a stable, honeycomb-like unit.

We can also provide the matching side panels for this model if you would like the entrance to your home to be fully glazed.

Customers about windows24.com

We were able to easily assemble the frames ourselves. There was always someone available for questions.

The windows and the front door have a noticeable heat-insulating effect!

Great value for money. Wouldn't hesitate to order again.

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